Top lip or Chin

Sometimes you can have hair growing on parts of your face. Which can be a problem for you.

This can be solved quickly by having it, removed with waxing that area.

No under 16yrs


Having nice eyebrows can make a difference to your face.

Having your eyebrows waxed is quick. It can combat unruly hairs.

So you will be left with lovely shaped eyebrows. 

No under 16yrs


Most of the time hair under your arms is either waxed or shaved.

Having your hair removed by wax can last for a few weeks.

When waxing under your arms, there is no rash or bumps like shaving gives you.

Enjoy hair free weeks, by having your underarms waxed.

No under 16yrs

Lower leg

Do you enjoy having smooth legs that don't, have bumps or a rash after shaving.

Having your lower legs waxed, from the knees down.Will give you those lovely silky legs. To show off whenever you want too. 

No under 16yrs

Nail Art
Simple nail art, including in the BIAB manicure.

Design work -simple nail art included in BIAB manicure.

Please send picture before appointment.

 Price varies for different design

Xpress nails with colour

Xpress nails are full coverage gel tips.

Which are lighter than Acrylics. 

Wearing these nails, will let your own nails to grow long underneath.

These are good for nail biters or weak nails.

BIAB with colour

Builder in a bottle is a good product, to have on your nails. If you struggle to grow your natural nails. 

If you have week nails, builder in a bottle will help them to grow strong.

It is good to help nail biters on there, journey to have nice nails.Which every nail biter likes to see, there nails grown.

Deluxe pedicure

In this pedicure your feet will be pampered.

Your toenails & cuticles will be, tided up with a Russian manicure/dry prep.

A lovely mud mask will be placed on your feet & wrapped in a towel, steamer will be placed over the towel.

To let the heat penetrate through to the mud mask.

Followed by a choice of colour & a lovely foot massage. 

Elm luxury Pedicure

Your toenails & cuticles will be tided up by Russian/dry prep.

An exfoliated scrub will be applied, followed by a mud mask. 

Your feet will be wrapped up in warm booties. After the mud mask has done its magic on your feet. 

They will be soaked in a spa of crystals, followed by a lovely foot massage. 

Add on £5 for gel 

Gel polish on nails or toes only

To have your gel polish to last 3-4 weeks. A good prep will achieve a lasting gel polish.

Your nails or toes will be tided up,with a Russian/ dry prep & shaped.

Gel polish will be applied, close to the edges.So when they grow you don't have an out grown look. After two weeks & can result in you coming, in a week or two later.

A win win for you!

Bio Sculpture/ premium service

Bio Sculpture puts the nails health first.

This treatment will apply the best treatment product. To help with your nail problems.

If they are damaged or weak , there's
a right treatment that will help with it.

Followed by gel polish of your choice. A scrub & hand cream will be applied.

 To give your hands that silky smooth hands.


If you feel your skin dry, & lost that glow.

Having a facial can sort out your skin problem.

Using top products that are vegan free. 

With hydraulic acid & many more important ingredients. To go deep into the layers of your skin.

To reduce fine lines & wrinkles.

Maybe you suffer with acne, then there is a facial that will help your skin.

Full body massage
Full body massage including body scrub.

An hour of total relaxation, to ease your body. If you suffer with knots & nodules. This massage is a must, to relieve the aches & pain away.

Back massage

A half hour total massage work on your back. To relax your tired muscles. 

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