Elim. MediHeel

Elim. MediHeel

Elim. MediHeel

If you haven't tried the Elm foot range. Well your missing out, on the top products.

Cuticle oil 10ml - for dry bed & cuticles £13

Exfoliating scrub 150ml- removes dead skin, & leaves your skin rejuvenated. £32

Mud mask 300ml- purifies your skin £53

Foot protector 150ml- The Elim Medi Heel Foot Perfector nourishes the skin around your heels and aids the natural skin renewal process. £30

Pumice stone- aids gently removal of hard skin.


small- £2.20

Fungal force 20ml - A powerful serum infused with active ingredients to effectively treat fungal infection £30

Spa sanitizer 250ml - Ideal for use on hands, feet, stopping microbes from spreading. Perfect to spray your shoes in the night & let air dry. To prevent fungal & athlete's foot £20

All orders to be paid in full.

Allow 7-14 days for products, to be delivered back to you.


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