Lash lift & tinting eyelashes

Lash lift & tinting eyelashes

Lash lift & tinting eyelashes

Do you struggle to put mascara on in the morning or when you go out. Maybe you wear glasses, & you find it hard to see without your glasses on.

Suffering with arthritis or inflammation in your hands, can be a struggle to apply mascara.

Maybe you find yourself in a mad rush in the morning, then you have to apply mascara.

You have seen a lash lift on other people.


Which you would love to have, but you think it's for the younger generation. 

A lash lift & tinting your eyelashes can solve all your problems.

If you wear glasses you won't have to struggle anymore. when your applying your mascara.

Having problems gripping things, a lash lift will sort that out.

Your day is busy in the morning & a lash lift & tint, will give you more time in the morning.

A lash lift is also for mature women which they enjoy, having because of the convenience it gives them.

*Booking fees

A 50% booking fee is required. This booking fee will go towards your final balance the day of treatment. Booking fees are non-refundable. Appointments will not be secured until the payment has been made. Info will be sent to you. Once booking fee has been paid, & you have agreed to abide to the T&Cs of BeautyloungeLlanelli


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