Back massage/ Women only

Back massage/ Women only

Back massage/ Women only

A massage is the most indulging experience your body can have.

Tensed & tired muscles can play havoc, with our day to day life.

Do you use a computer everyday?

Your looking at the computer screen, which means your head is bent forward for a long time.

This puts a big strain, on your neck muscles.

Not to mention your shoulders. 

It can also cause headaches.

Maybe you suffer with joint mobility.

A gentle massage can improve your movement, which can help you to hold things or walk better.

Anxiety & stress is the biggest mental health problems today.

If you suffer with any mental problems a massage, can also relax the mind as well as the body.

In turn you may have a more restful sleep.

Does your body tell you, that it needs some help.

Listen to your body & you will feel a lot better.

*Booking fees

A 50% booking fee is required. This booking fee will go towards your final balance the day of treatment. Booking fees are non-refundable. Appointments will not be secured until the payment has been made. Info will be sent to you. Once booking fee has been paid, & you have agreed to abide to the T&Cs of BeautyloungeLlanelli


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