Full Xpress gel nails

Full Xpress gel nails

Full Xpress gel nails

You struggle to grow your natural nails, & they keep breaking.

This can make you feeling miserable !

You might be a nail bitter &, you want to stop biting your natural nails.

What about having a little help to grow your natural nails, the full coverage Xpress gel tips. Is a perfect way to help you grow your own nails.

You can leave them on until your natural nails are longer. Have any length that would be, suitable for your daily routine. 

*Booking fees

A 50% booking fee is required. This booking fee will go towards your final balance the day of treatment. Booking fees are non-refundable. Appointments will not be secured until the payment has been made. Info will be sent to you. Once booking fee has been paid,& you have agreed to abide to the T&Cs of BeautyloungeLlanelli

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