Cutting toenails including feet massagee

Cutting toenails including feet massagee

Cutting toenails including feet massagee

Are you a lady over 35yr who suffers with there feet?

Your feet goes through a lot each day, tucked away in your shoes.

You might find it hard to cut your own toenails, due to being inflexible.

Hard skin or Calluses can be a big problem for you, they can be painful & unsightly on your feet.

Hard skin can be hereditary!

Having a family member with hard skin from the age of 13yr, I understand your problems & how painful they can be.

If you can't cut your own toenails!

Let me help you.

If your suffering with hard skin or Calluses!

Let me help you to achieve, smooth soft & beautiful feet again.

Book today to have those toenails tamed.

*Booking fees

A 50% booking fee is required. This booking fee will go towards your final balance the day of treatment. Booking fees are non-refundable. Appointments will not be secured until the payment has been made. Info will be sent to you. Once booking fee has been paid,& you have agreed to abide to the T&Cs of BeautyloungeLlanelli



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